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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Is there any time that wild game hunting isn't allowed in Texas?

Depending on the species you are after there may or may not be a season in which you are able to hunt. Native species such as Whitetail deer, bull Elk and Rio Grande Tom Turkeys do have seasonal hunts that are controlled by the state. All other species on the ranch are open for hunting year round.

Weather in Texas is seasonably warm all year round so even January and February hunting can be done in temperatures of 50 degrees plus. This makes a nice change for hunters from other states that are dealing with below freezing temperatures.

How can I tell if there are wild game hunting times open at Escondido Ranch?

The website offers an interactive type of calendar system that is updated to clearly show the times that are not already booked on the ranch.

If you aren't comfortable using the website to check for available wild game hunting times, contact the office by phone or email to book your hunting block.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Is it possible tell how old the hog you shoot is when Texas trophy boar hunting?

Looking at the Russian boar or feral hogs jaw can help you come very close to deciding how old the hog or boar is. You can also tell if the hog has any European boar heritage by examining the area of the jaw between the tusk and the regular molar teeth. If there is a small isolated tooth in the middle, there is some European breed in the background of the hog. This is not at all uncommon in Texas where Russian boars and even domestic European swine breeds have bred with the wild hog populations.

A feral hog that is under 2 years of age will have three adjacent teeth at the back of the lower jaw. There will be two smaller teeth in front and a molar looking tooth at the back. After two years of age there will be an additional molar that pops up at the back of the lower jaw, giving a total of four teeth. Despite common theories that you can use tusks to age a Texas trophy boar that is not a accurate means to age an animal.

Until the age of three the two smaller teeth in this group of four will gradually be replaced by thicker, heavier, molar like teeth, very different than the previous teeth that looked a bit like canine teeth. At years three and four additional molars appear, so at the end of the wild hog's fourth year he will have six teeth at the back of the jaw.

At the fifth year the final tooth will be fully showing and the teeth will start to show wear and grinding down. After the fifth year is possible to tell the approximate age based on the amount of wear of all the teeth, but this is really just an educated estimate.

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