Displaying The Elusive Trophy Texas Aoudad Sheep

Trophy Aoudad w Bow Nov 2012
Trophy Aoudad w Bow Nov 2012 Great Aoudad Ram 2010

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There are many different reasons to decide to hunt exotics. Some hunters pick these animals because they are unique and different and pose challenges that you simply don't encounter hunting native species. Hunters also look forward to exotic hunts to fill their freezer and to earn bragging rights to their friends, family members and co-workers.  Another great reason to hunt, especially on an exotic game ranch such as Escondido, is that you have the opportunity to hunt for trophy Texas Aoudad sheep among other exotics and native species.

There are lots of game ranches throughout the state that offer, at least on their websites, the opportunity to hunt trophy Texas Aoudad sheep. While there may be some trophy sheep available on all game ranches, the number of the biggest Texas trophy Aoudad sheep is often very small on any particular game ranch. This is because each individual ranch game manager is responsible for deciding how many hunters will have access to the game on the ranch. Those ranches that over hunt their exotic populations of animals are going to have smaller numbers of trophy Texas Aoudad. Ranches like Escondido that very carefully manage how many of the biggest trophy animals are harvested each year can more effectively balance their herds, meaning that you as the hunter have far more opportunities for that trophy Texas Aoudad sheep. This requires advanced planning and management since a true trophy Aoudad is going to be several years old, not just a juvenile animal.

There is no set standard for a trophy Texas Aoudad sheep like there are standards set for native species such as Whitetail deer. Most hunters and exotic game ranchers consider a trophy size Aoudad to be anything that measures over 26-27", which makes quite an impressive mount. There are occasionally trophy Texas Aoudad horns that measure up to and over 30 inches but these are really exceptional and will definitely give you the right to brag about that hunt. Keep in mind that these horns gently curl backwards and down, meaning that the larger the curl the wider the overall head mount or horn only mount will be when up on your living room wall. 

If you aren't looking for a huge trophy Aoudad head mount you may well want to consider hunting for a female. She will have slightly shorter and less thick horns, however they will still make an impressive display. In most cases if you are hunting for both meat as well as a great addition to your trophy collection, the female is the best option. The meat tends to be more tender and less strong in flavor, plus it is lean and healthy.

One of the very unique aspects of mounting your trophy Texas Aoudad is to consider a life-size or half-size mount. This allows you to proudly display the long, thick beard both on the underside of the throat all the way down the chest, as well as the fore locks on the front legs, displaying a real distinguishing feature of this exotic game animal. These mounts are highly sought after by many hunters and to get the best beard and coloration a male is your best bet for this display. 

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