Experience Trophy Axis Deer Hunts Right Here In Texas

August 2014 Massive Axis Buck
August 2014 Massive Axis Buck 36inch Axis Buck. It is a family affair! July 2010 Axis Buck July 2010 Axis Deer

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Texas was the first state to ever have Axis deer imported and this was done as early as the 1930's. These herds are now available for hunting right here in Texas. The horns of the Axis deer, with their lyre shape and graceful appearance are a highlight to any trophy collection and are rare enough to be a conversation starter for years to come.

The horns are shaped similar to some of the native deer species but with a much more noticeable brow tine and a very long main beam that curves slightly backwards and in. The length of the main beam is often close to 70 plus cm with some record trophy Axis deer hunts resulting in measurements of 85 cm. The other smaller tines will vary in length and only add to the overall appearance of these beautiful balanced trophy heads. Often hunters that have harvested a huge buck on a trophy Axis deer hunt will opt for a full head mount to show the beauty of the head and antlers.

Despite being popular as a head mount, animals harvested in trophy Axis deer hunts are also great meat animals. The flesh is extremely lean and has a mild, gentle venison like flavor that is often enjoyed even by people that aren't fond of wild meat. Unlike some of the exotics and wild game species the Axis deer tends not to become tough and gamey tasting with age so even older bucks make great eating. The wide variety of uses of this mild flavored meat make it a good substitute in recipes for beef or pork and ideal for steaks and roasts.

The hide can be tanned either with or without the hair to make soft, supple leather or a really nice hide for your den, office or even mounted on a wall. The compact and fine grain of the antlers also makes them a popular option for knife handles and other carved items. Custom carving a set of antler from a trophy Axis deer hunt may not be traditional but it certainly may make a beautiful addition to your collection of trophies and hunting accomplishments.

Escondido Ranch, with its almost two miles of river bed, offers hunters the best possible conditions for trophy Axis deer hunts. This species favors the wet areas around the water, and blinds are situated in crossing areas to get hunters right where they need to be. Since wetland areas aren't common in Texas, this additional and ideal terrain is perfect for hunting from blinds and making the most of seeing a wide variety of trophy animals before deciding which one you want to take home.

For your next hunting adventure, family vacation or a corporate retreat, bring your entire family, friends and business associates to Escondido Ranch.