Individual Wild Game Prices

Our experienced guides will lead you on an exciting quest for the trophy of your choice. Hunts are carried out from blinds placed near animal trails and feeders.  Enjoy the challenge and excitement of hunting wild game in its natural habitat!
Note: Under Escondido's conservation status, whitetail deer can be rifle/ bow hunted from October 1, 2024 through February 28, 2025.  Texas hunting license tags are required for low fence property only.
Game Price 
Whitetail Bucks with a gross B/C score less than 130 (see our Specials)                              $3,000
Whitetail Bucks with a gross B/C score of 130 to 139                             $3,500
Whitetail Bucks with a gross B/C score of 140 to 149                            $4,500
Whitetail Bucks with a gross B/C score of 150 to 159                      $5,500
Whitetail Bucks with a gross B/C score of 160 to 169                         $7,000
Whitetail Bucks with a gross B/C score of 170 to 179                          $7,500
Whitetail Bucks with a gross B&C score over 180, $7,500 + $150/ additional inch of antler            $7,500 + $150/ in
Whitetail Does $750
Trophy Axis Bucks  (see our Specials) $4,500
Axis Does   (see our Specials)  $1,500

Trophy Fallow Bucks  (see our Specials)



Trophy Blackbuck Antelope (Blackbuck less than 19") (see our Specials)

Blackbuck 19" and higher are priced as $240/inch



Trophy Sika Bucks  (see our Specials) $4,500
Sika Does  (see our Specials) $1,500
Trophy Aoudad Sheep  (see our Specials) $4,500
Aoudad Sheep 12 inch of Horn or Less  (see our Specials) $1,500
Trophy Bull Elk 5x5 ($500 for each additional point above 5x5)  (see our Specials) $7,000
Cow Elk  (see our Specials) $3,500
Scimitar Horned Oryx  (see our Specials) $6,500
Tom Turkey (see our Specials) $750
Feral Hogs (any size) * (see our Specials) $750
Cleaning and quartering of the game is included for all trophy animals or trophy game packages.

Hunters are required to pay a nonrefundable deposit of $1,500.00 for two days of guided hunting. One day hunt deposit without lodging is $750.  This deposit will be applied toward the game fee for whatever game the hunter harvests during that hunt.  If any animal is wounded (hair, tissue or blood is drawn), we will do our best to locate the animal.  However, Escondido Ranch policy is that the hunter will pay the appropriate fee regardless of whether or not the animal is found. 

Accomodations are available at Guest House.  To reserve your memorable hunting experience go to Book a Hunt.

For your next hunting adventure, family vacation or a corporate retreat, bring your entire family, friends and business associates to Escondido Ranch.
CWD has been found in Whitetail deer in Kimble Co. Texas. In cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife we will be testing all Whitetail, Sika and Elk shot on Escondido Ranch. All hunters that kill these species will know their deer or elk is CWD free!