Hunting Fallow Does Year Round

Fallow Doe
Fallow Doe Fallow Deer 10-2010

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One of the greatest advantages to hunting fallow does and other imported or exotic does and bucks is that there is no set hunting season. This means that these deer species can be hunted year round, allowing hunters to stay in practice while also honing their shooting skills. Fallow does do provide their own challenges and there are several reasons to consider these animals as a great warm-up for whitetail season.

Often fallow does, like does of other species, aren't considered a great hunt because there isn't the option for the antlers to put up on your trophy wall. While this is true, it doesn't mean that the does don't make up for their lack of trophy antlers in other ways.  Of course the more common light brown color with white mottled spots, and the pure white coloration also makes a great addition to any room, wall or hide collection. There is also a rare black Fallow deer that is another natural color combination in this species.

Fallow does are not huge animals, typically weighing in at 30 to 50 kgs or approximately 65 to 110 pounds. This provides a nice amount of very lean and tasty meat when dressed. In addition the meat of the Fallow doe tends to be less gamey flavored and more tender than the often tougher and stronger flavored meat from an older buck. However it is important to keep in mind that Fallow venison is some of the best flavored wild meat you will find, making both does and bucks are great addition to your meat supply year round.

Hunting Fallow does requires skill, patience and a good shot. They are not as naturally nervous as some of the other exotics so they are a great hunt for a novice hunter or an experienced sportsman or woman alike. They are also a good option for getting younger people involved in hunting since they are relatively easy to bring down with a well placed shot.

The best times of the day to hunt Fallow does are around sunrise and sunset. They tend to be less active during the day in the intense heat of Texas springs, summers and fall seasons, but they do move towards feeders when the temperature cools off. During the heat of the day they are often found in dense brush areas, making stealth a requirement to approach blinds or feeders without tipping off the animals to your presence. Getting to the blinds before the animals start moving is the key to a successful Fallow doe hunt.

Fallow does tend to stay in fairly large groups of other does, fawns and juveniles. Since there are lots of deer typically approaching the feeder at one time, there are also lots of eyes and noses available to tell if human hunters are present. During the rut stags will join the females in their groups, acting both as a sentinel as well as the herd leader. Keep in mind that these animals are incredibly fast and athletic so you are likely to only get off one shot before the entire herd bolts into the wooded areas and safety. 

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