Fall Trophy Elk Hunt Texas Style

When one of the largest mammals in North America announces its approach with a prolonged buggle call followed by a majestic and towering appearance through the brush, one cannot help but to be in awe of the granddaddy of the North American deer, the Bull Elk.  Crowned with a massive set of antlers, the bull elk also known as Wapiti is a challenging adversary for any hunter, at any skill level.  Originally found throughout North America, elk has been pushed northward by human encroachment and over-hunting.  Still in abundance in certain parts of North America; elk, through federal and state wildlife management programs and via private ranches, such as Escondido, are being reintroduced into a number of US states, including Texas.  So, when a trophy hunter at Escondido Ranch laid his eyes on this 6x7 Rocky Montain bull elk, the hunt was ON - Texas style!