Elk Hunting Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Hunt

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Even though at Escondido Ranch you will be accompanied on your hunt by a professional, trained and experienced guide, it is still important to keep in mind that safety is essential in elk hunting. Tips that keep you both safe as well as ensure you have a great shot at the elk of your dreams are helpful to keep in mind whenever you are out on the ranch. In addition elk hunting tips that not only increase your change of bringing home an excellent meat animal as well as possibly a trophy mount will only make your visit to the ranch more exiting and fun for everyone.

Most elk hunting tips that include safety issues are just good common sense, however they are sometimes overlooked in the excitement of the hunt. The most important elk hunting tip we can provide is to make sure you always clearly see and can easily identify the animal that you shoot at, particularly if you are taking a cow elk. These cows can all look alike so taking a shot and then tracking the animal with your eye is important. Most likely you will have to take at least one more shot to bring her down, so being able to identify the animal already wounded is essential. If you are shooting at a bull you have the antlers to distinguish your target from any other bulls but also the cows in the herd.  It is important  to make sure there is no animal behind your target animal as it is impossible to determine where a bullet will go after it exits your target.

Another common safety issue that is typically included in most elk hunting tips is to always be aware of where you are physically located within the blind or tree stand, as well as where other hunters and guides are located. While you will be shooting downward, you still don't want to shoot in a direction that may potential put another hunter at risk. If another hunter does exit the blind make sure you know exactly where he or she is before firing at anything. Again, while this makes sense, in the heat of the excitement sometimes people do unpredictable and unexpected things, potentially putting themselves or others at risk.

Many elk hunters, especially those going after the trophy elk, will use some type of call or bugle to bring in the bulls during the rut. If you are going to use a call be sure you have practiced and can make a realistic and accurate sound. If you can't, a good elk hunting tip is to ask the guide to call or consider using an electronic elk caller that won't alert the herd to humans in the area. There are lots of online recordings or DVD high quality sound recordings of elk bugling that will allow you to practice before actually heading out to the blind.

Finally, the last word in elk hunting tips is to always listen to your guide for on the spot elk hunting tips. The guides have literally hundreds of hunts under their belts and may be able to give you that little piece of advice that makes the difference between going home empty handed or needing help in hauling your meat cooler home.

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