Elk Cow Hunts For A Real Challenge

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While a great many hunters focus on that trophy bull elk for head or antler spread for above their fireplace, these shots are relatively one of a kind and rare in the real world. It does take an experienced marksman to take down a fully grown bull elk, however if you want to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and provide yourself more options, you may well want to consider one of the elk cow hunts. These hunts are ideal for someone that wants to get some very healthy and delicious meat that can be used like beef in almost any recipe imaginable.

Elk cow hunting requires a lot of patience as a hunter. They are a natural herd animal and sometimes the fact that they do move in herds makes them more challenging to hunt. Elk cow hunting means that the hunter has to wait until an animal presents itself away from other animals so that the hunter can take a clean, clear shot. Shooting without this is likely to cause a complete miss or simply wound an animal, which no hunter wants to have happen. Having that ability to evaluate your shot is one of the many challenges of elk cow hunting, whether from blinds or by tracking and stalking.

One of the key pre-hunt preparations that elk cow hunting requires is to make sure that you have a good quality scope and binoculars, but also that your gun is correctly sighted in. Making sure that all of your equipment checks out on a target range is going to ensure that when you get the shot you have everything working in your favor. Sighting in your gun and then taking some time on a target range to get back into practice with steady, even firing is going to be important as you aren't going to get a more than one or two shots before the herd will be gone.

Typically with elk cow hunting the best option is to wait until you can see a clear standing shot opportunity. The more movement that the cow is engaged in when you actually fire the more chance there is to simply wound her rather than being able to make a kill shot. Remember too that these massive animals don't go down as easily as some of the smaller species of deer, so it is important to have the right shot. Passing on a potentially problematic shot is a better option than taking it; especially if you are in a secure blind and have the opportunity to wait for another, better shot option.

As a final thought on elk cow hunting, it is important to make very sure that you know which animal that you hit if you are going to have to take a second shot. Since all cows are going to look very similar, working with your guide or a spotter to help you determine which cow you have wounded is essential to prevent injuring or shooting the wrong animal.

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