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I suppose it could be fair to say that being a taxidermist may be a natural extension of being involved in the guiding as well as the deer breeding industry.  At least that is my opinion.  My interest in becoming a taxidermist came as a result of guiding hunters at the family owned Escondido Ranch.  To me taxidermy is an art form which attempts to visually and dimensionally bring the animals back to life.  Studying, scouting, tracking, guiding, shooting, skinning are all components of the hunting industry, so extending my skills to include another segment seemed like a natural fit.  

I grew up hunting whitetails in the Midwest, but exotic species, which are prominent at Escondido Ranch, were a new game for me, altogether. But, I love a good challenge, and learning more about the exotic species soon became much more than a job requirement.  Escondido Ranch is home to eight different species including whitetails.  The seven Texas non-native or exotic species include; Axis, Fallow, and Sika deer, as well as Aoudad Sheep, Blackbuck Antelope, Elk and feral hog

I have been able to study these animals in their natural habitat and feel I have gained a high degree of competence when it comes to rendering the natural characteristics and appearance of these game animals through the art of taxidermy.   I also believe that the hundreds of hours I annually spend in the field as a bowhunter, a guide, and a wildlife enthusiast give me an intimate perspective in manifesting the realistic features, postures and expressions of your animals.  

I am a graduate of the Texas Hill Country School of Taxidermy where I learned valuable skills in the art of taxidermy.  Some of the favorite projects I have worked on include an open- mouth bugling Elk and half- life size Aoudad.  One of my personal favorites is the life size bobcat reaching up and pawing a quail out of the air.  These are just a few of my recent projects and I am constantly working on new material. 

An important consideration in choosing a taxidermist is how much input the customer should have in conjunction with the project.  It is my belief that whenever possible the customer should provide input about his/ her expectation to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds everyone's expectations.  As a small business owner I understand the importance of listening to my customers. I take great pride in my work and strive to have mounts finished in as little time as possible. 

3D Taxidermy currently provides taxidermy work including board mounts, antler mounts, European mounts, shoulder mounts, half-life size, life size, natural scenery design, birds, tanning and fleshing.  Please keep us in mind for your taxidermy needs.  I look forward to serving you and all your taxidermy needs.

Thank you and God bless.

Tony Lyon
Owner of 3D Taxidermy