Axis Doe Hunting Tips For Newbies And Veteran Hunters

Young Hunter w/ Axis Doe
Young Hunter w/ Axis Doe Group of Axis Does Three Axis Does Small Group of Axis Does w/ Buck

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There are lots of veteran hunters that have never in their lives hunted for exotics. While there are lots of similarities between hunting different deer species, there are also some specific Axis doe hunting tips that can be very effective in helping you get your game every time you go out for a hunt. Perhaps the biggest of the Axis doe hunting tips that can be offered to either the novice or the experienced hunter on Escondido Ranch is to follow the advice and strategies provided by your guide.

All the guides at the ranch are experienced both in the behaviors and movements of the game, but also in the most effective way to hunt. It will be important for your hunting success to capitalize on the Axis doe hunting tips that your seasoned guide provides you, even if they offer a new style or technique than you have tried before. You may be amazed at the simple yet highly effective Axis doe hunting tips and secrets that make all the difference in the outcome of your hunt.

One essential component to a successful hunt on Escondido Ranch is to be aware of eliminating as much human scent as possible. Although the animals are somewhat used to human odors since they are within the general vicinity of people on the ranch, they are very attuned to any changes in the odors carried in the air. Successful Axis doe hunting tips will include using an odor eliminator prior to heading out to the blind, ensuring that the Axis does will approach the blind and feed area without being spooked or alerted to your presence.

One of the simplest Axis doe hunting tips that is well known to guides and experienced hunters alike is that this species rarely travels alone, rather they travel in small groups or larger herds. This natural group provides a lot more animals to watch for predators and danger, plus they use a loud signaling system to alert others in the group that potential or actual danger is present. Having all hunters quiet and positioned prior to the deer arriving to the feeding area is going to be essential. Once the herd is alerted that danger is present they are unlikely to return to the same feed spot, meaning another move on the part of the hunting party.

Another one of the Axis doe hunting tips that is unique to this species is that they are extremely intelligent animals that tend to avoid directly approaching an area without scouting it out first. Their spotted coat pattern makes them difficult to see, especially in the early morning. They will typically graze around the perimeter of a wooded area and an opening, making sure that it is safe to venture forward. Staying very quite and motionless during this initial feeding is important to allow the herd to move into the feeding area, providing you the best possible shot. Taking an early shot that you can't clearly make out the kill zone is likely to result in only wounding the animal at best or at worst missing altogether. Despite their smaller size these deer are incredibly fast and strong so being patient and sure of the shot is by far the best option.

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