What To Expect On Texas Exotic Hunts

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If you are a first time hunter to the vast array of exotic species available on game ranches throughout the state you may be wondering just what to expect on your first hunt. As you may have already guessed most game ranches will provide a variety of different packages for your consideration, allowing you to hunt for many different species at the same time. This not only gives you the option of filling up your freezer for the year but it also provides an additional challenging of hunting for different species, a challenge to even the most seasoned veteran hunter.

Pricing on Texas exotic hunts is explained prior to the hunt itself, allowing you to decide what animals you are just observing and which ones are your targets. Typically trophy bucks will be more pricey to hunt than does, but you only get those amazing trophy heads, antlers and horns if you going after the big guys. Since exotics don't have a season you can hunt them year round, however if you are lucky enough to book your hunt during turkey, bull elk or whitetail season you can combine your exotic hunt with a native species as well.

As in all states hunters are required to have a valid Texas hunting license to hunt both the native and exotic species. Fishing licenses are also a great option since Escondido Ranch has some outstanding fishing for those that may not want to hunt or just want to fill in some time during the day before the evening hunt. There are a variety of different types of licenses including non-resident and resident, youth and senior categories of licenses, all which are available at most sporting good stores as well as online through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The first day arrival at the ranch allows you to settle in to your lodging and talk to the professional guides that will be showing you around and helping you to get that trophy animal. You can also look around at the landscape and get an idea of the weather and surroundings prior to the hunt. Depending on the time of day you arrive and the species you are hunting you most likely will hunt some or all of that day, or at least be in the blind for the early evening movement of animals on the game trails and into the feeders. 

After the evening hunt a return to the ranch cabins is a great way to swap tales, share stories and even brag about your hunting abilities. The next morning will be an early start, in the blinds well before the first light of day peeks over the horizon. Plan to see Aoudad Sheep, Whitetail deer, Axis, Sika and Fallow deer, Black Buck antelope, feral hogs, turkeys and even elk as you are in the blinds. Many hunters bring along a camera, binoculars and video recorder to be able to see and record the amazing variety of species.

When you do get that trophy animal, or even a doe for some outstanding meat and a great display hide, you can relax and enjoy your victory with the guides handling all the cleaning, quartering and packing of the meat.  Returning to the lodge that night will be a celebration, and one you certainly won't forget.

For your next hunting adventure, family vacation or a corporate retreat, bring your entire family, friends and business associates to Escondido Ranch.