The Big Ten Point was not so Lucky

Texas deer hunting gives everyone an option and an opportunity in the state to hunt free-range deer or high fence. I enjoy hunting deer in Texas, I am lucky to hunt on my uncles ranch and my grandparents are willing to take me. Hunting in Texas you have a choice to stalk, bait, call, and hunt out of a blind for deer.
This year I knew this time I was going to get a buck. I left to Uvalde on November 22 2014, I was hoping to do some hunting when I got there but, I left San Antonio late. Accompaning me on this hunt were my grandparents. When we got to the ranch my grandfather asked me to go and unlock the blind and spread the comere deer around the feeders. I asked him if I can set up the hog trap if we did not get a buck this week. He said that would be fine, but as long as you put the corn in the back of the hog trap. I unlocked the blinds, set up the trap, and went back to the camp to settle in for the night.
November 23 2014, I woke up early in the morning and grabbed my gear, license, gun, and I headed out to the blind. I loaded up my rifle, opened up the windows, and settled in hoping a big buck might come out. When the sun came out I saw a few does, two yearlings, and two spikes. I was hoping the does would attract the big buck out in the open. I was observing the deer to see if one of them would be startled or sensed something coming. They were eating the corn and the comere deer and stayed at the feeder for thirty minutes then left.
That evening I decided to hunt out of the new blind they set up by the hog trap and the feeders. The blind was comfortable but what I did not like about it was the cover was too noisy and I had to zip tie the cover so it wo not flap too much. I settled in and heard a truck coming on the side of the dirt road. I looked at the truck and it was the Game Warden. Its a good thing I had my license so if he decides to stop I can show him. The Game Warden saw me and he just waved at me and continued driving.
For the rest of the evening there was not a lot of activity. I was hoping that a doe might come out and maybe attract a buck. There were a lot of ring neck doves, bobwhite quail, and rabbits. I even looked at the railroads to see if there was a deer crossing the fence. When I was about to leave the blind a big six point buck came out into the open. I called that buck Lucky because if he would have come out during shooting time I would have taken him. I told my grandfather that I saw a big six pointer when time was up. He told me I might have a chance to get him tomorrow. After a few minutes of talking about the deer I decided to get a good night sleep so I can be rested up and ready for the morning.

November 24 2014, this was the last day of my hunting trip and I was hoping that the buck would come out again. I grabbed my gear, told my grandparents bye, and head straight to the blind. I got in the blind, got everything ready, and settled in. I checked the clock on my phone and it was time to shoot. In ten minutes the sun light would come out and I could then see the feeder. I realized that there was a big dark object moving around next to the feeder. I grabbed my rifle and looked through the scope. What I saw had a lot more points than Lucky the six pointer and my buck fever raised through the roof! I had never had so much adrenaline when I am out hunting.
Finally, it was time for me to harvest my first big buck. Once I took the gun off safety the buck raised its head up and I could tell he was probably going to take off. The buck was perfectly broadside but I could not control my adrenaline. I was making too much noise that the buck was going to run off. I had to make a choice weather to shoot or not. Everything was going through my head and then I said to myself - what if I never get this chance again?!
When the buck faced me I moved the cross hairs to the far right, I finally got my breathing under control, got a perfect neck shot, and then took the shot. After the smoked cleared I looked to see if I dropped it in it tracks and then I heard something run into brush. I texted my grandfather and he told me to stay in the blind.
Once I heard he was close I grabbed my stuff and got out of the blind. I was walking towards the road I looked to the right and there was the buck lying on the road. I knew that I made a perfect shot on him this was the best hunt I had ever had. When my grandfather got out of the truck he said it was a nine pointer, but when I looked I saw that he left a point out. I counted the points and told him it is not a nine pointer, it is a ten. This was the biggest buck ever shot on the ranch. This is a hunt I am always going to remember.
Gavin Pena